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Forklift Description

Forklifts are a material handling tool that is widely used for warehousing needs, forklifts are designed with electric and diesel hydraulic systems, forklifts are designed to make it easier to move goods in warehousing, forklifts can lift the weight of 3 ton forklifts, 5 ton forklifts, 10 ton forklifts.

There are 2 kinds of forklifts:

1. Forklift Battery That is a forklift whose power comes from Battery and all Electric.

2. Diesel Forklifts, namely Forklifts whose power comes from Solar

As a distributor of cheap Forklift material handling in Indonesia, we provide various types of lifting equipment that can certainly be relied on for your needs.

Sell ​​Forklifts from PT. Denko Wahana Sakti. PT. Denko Wahana Sakti sells Forklift Battery and Diesel Forklift products and also Scissor Lift, Drum Lift, Electric Stacker, Pallet Mesh, Electric Stairs, Hand Pallet. For supply and demand, click on the request for a quote button.

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