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Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
Pallet Mesh Stocky 5
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23 Apr 2020
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Specification of

Pallet Mesh Stocky 5 iron baskets

Pallet is one part of warehousing. It is a place to put things in order to facilitate storage, calculation, and transportation. the main material is usually made of wood or plastic. Designed with various sizes as needed. Pallet is closely related to warehousing activity, and used as a place to put goods, rectangular shaped box, can be square or rectangular. Normally it consists of three main parts, namely top, leg (stinger), and bottom. The usual size is found in the size of 100 cm x 120 cm with the type of "two methods" or stringer pallet. Pallet dimensional similarity facilitates procurement or rack design, in the purpose of wearing long, wide and high sides for temporary storage.

Pallet mesh / folding iron basket that we sell with various sizes:

1. Stocky 2 = 500 mm (L) X 800 mm (P) X 550 mm (T) Cap: 800 Kg.

2. Stocky 3 = 600 mm (L) X 800 mm (L) X 650 mm (T) Cap: 800 Kg.

3. Stocky 5 = 800 mm (L) X 1000 mm (P) X 850 mm (T) Cap: 1200 Kg.

4. Stocky 7 = 1000 mm (L) X 1200 mm (P) X 950 mm (T) Cap: 1500 Kg.

Very Strong and High quality and also versatile.

It is suitable for tidiness of your warehouse

and for the delivery of your valuable Package

Pallet Mesh / Basket Iron / Basket nets are VERY POWERFUL AND KOKOH with a capacity of 800 kg to 1500 kg.

can be arranged up to 4 stacks.

Relative Price and many INTERESTING DISCOUNTS for you.

The DISCOUNT we provide Depends on the number of units you take.

The more the number, the higher also the DISCOUNT we offer.

Immediately have for Your Factory and Daily Needs ".

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