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Wiremesh Stocky
Wiremesh Stocky
Wiremesh Stocky
Wiremesh Stocky
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IDR 32500000.00

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Cheapest Selling Pallet Mesh Keranjag Iron Mesh Folding Cheapest Price 800 Kg - 1500 Kg.
Pallet mesh / folding iron basket that we sell in various sizes:
1. Stocky 2 = 500 mm (L) X 800 mm (P) X 550 mm (T) Cap: 800 Kg.
2. Stocky 3 = 600 mm (L) X 800 mm (L) X 650 mm (T) Cap: 800 Kg.
3. Stocky 5 = 800 mm (L) X 1000 mm (P) X 850 mm (T) Cap: 1200 Kg.
4. Stocky 7 = 1000 mm (L) X 1200 mm (P) X 950 mm (T) Cap: 1500 Kg.
Very strong and high quality and also versatile.
It is suitable for neatness of your warehouse
and for shipping packages of your valuables
This Pallet Mesh / Iron / Mesh Basket is very strong and sturdy with a capacity of 800 kg to 1500 kg.
can be arranged to 4 stacking.
Relative prices and lots of DISCOUNT DISCOUNTS for you.
The discounts we provide depend on the number of units you take.
The more the amount, the higher the discount we offer.
Have it immediately for your Factory and Daily Needs.

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